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Waterlabor and Waterbirth

Called by many, “The Natural Epidural,” water is an excellent option for labor, especially for first time or VBAC labors since they are often longer on average. But even for fast births, having the pool option available is wonderful, as quick labors can prove to be incredibly intense.

Pools are provided for Born to Be Loved clients at no additional cost.

The pool will be brought to your birth when the midwife arrives for your labor.  We carry air pumps to inflate the pool, and water pumps to empty them afterwards.

Birth Pool in a Box, Mini is just over 6' in diameter and over 2' deep, allowing clients to assume many positions for labor or birth: hands and knees, semi-reclining, forward leaning over side of pool, and more.  They are also spacious enough to allow partners to join in the pool if so desired.

Clients order the following disposable supplies to use with the provided pool when they order their Birth Kit ~

  • Disposable pool liner

  • Hose  (new, un-used, rated safe for drinking water)

  • Adapter (to attach hose to sink or shower head)


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