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Jon's Birth Story

Sweet baby Jon, it is almost your first birthday and I am just now sitting down to reflect upon your birth. Your birth was fast and furious and I still haven’t found a chance to sit and reflect on it. During your birthday week I promise to do so.

You are our “God baby” sweet boy. We didn’t know we needed you. Thankfully, God did. You have taught me so much about sacrificial love and how Christ loves me. We had only been in Oklahoma for a few months before discovering you were inside of me. I hadn’t planned on needing to find a midwife so quickly in our new state. 

God had been fixing that right away as well. Daddy met Ms. Faith’s brother at work in his first month of employment. She was on my radar ever since and the first midwife I looked up after seeing that positive test.


 Your pregnancy was very challenging: vomiting, depression, isolation, fatigue, frustration. Your pregnancy was a blessing: learning about nutrition, exercise, teaching Bradley classes, seeing a chiropractor regularly, meeting new friends, feeling you move.

Fertility Friend said your due date was May 23.  Ms. Faith said it was May 26.  I was determined that you would be a May baby.

So when May 31 came and I realized I was in early labor again for seventeenth time that month I had little hope of you being born in May.  My parents were leaving to go back home in a few days and I had no idea what we would do if you came after they left. Your older brothers were such a handful and I did not know how I would maintain sanity nursing all night long and being their mama at the same time. 

Thankfully you decided after my nap on the 31st that it was time to make your entrance.  The cramping starting becoming regular. I had some bloody show.  I started needing constant support and counter pressure on my  back.  Walking was the only thing making contractions regular.  So we walked and would rest throughout the rest of the day.  After dinner I asked Ms. Faith to come over so that I could feel safe and allow my body to let go.  Around 9:30pm she checked me and said this was it!  I was effacing and dilating (80% effaced, 3cm, 0 station).  Daddy texted his family (your Grandpa Keith was getting married at that very moment in Colorado). Mommy texted her prayer warriors and started mentally preparing for all the hard work that was coming. 

I got into the birth pool in my bedroom at 10:30pm.  Grandma and Grandpa stayed in the living room to make sure your brothers stayed asleep.  Our other midwife, Sarah got to our house.  She drove straight from the airport to be there with us.  Your Daddy impressed me even more during your birth.  He could sit behind me in the tub and watch my belly begin having a contraction before I felt it.  He was able to warn me, “Here comes another one!”  I was able to begin relaxing before getting carried away with the contraction.  He helped me breathe carefully through each contraction – reminding me that I was that much closer to holding you and not being pregnant anymore.


At 11pm I had a slight urge to push but was only 8cm, 90% effaced, and +1 station.  I was told I could try light pushing.  After a bit we realized progress wasn’t being made.  I asked for another check at midnight.  Nothing had changed and my cervix was starting to swell.  I was advised to breathe through contractions.  This was very challenging for me.  I felt like I couldn’t relax anymore.  As a Bradley instructor I should be able to make this birth look easy!  I was hot and uncomfortable.  I wanted to sleep!  I wanted things to be over.  I wanted you in my arms and I was done being patient!!!  Ms. Faith reminded me at this point that I was in transition. (My transition with you lasted for 75 minutes!)  At 12:30am I was 9cm, 90%, and +1.


At 12:45am I started having to push without meaning to.  The uncontrollable urge to push meant that it was probably safe to do so.  I had to change positions in the tub.  There was a small leak in the tub and it was starting to deflate enough that it was capsizing.  Ms. Faith needed to hold up a side of the pool while Ms. Sarah took care of us.


Your head came out at 12:57am!  What a relief!  I was pushing myself up against the side of the birth pool and was told multiple times to catch you.  But you weren’t coming out.  Your shoulders were still turning and working their way out. 2 minutes later I had a huge contraction and pushed you out into my arms.  I grabbed you and held you close. You needed some suctioning. 

Sarah exclaimed that you had been born in the caul.  Meaning my water never broke.  This is a sign of great luck in some cultures and is very rare in our culture. 


We didn’t know if you were a boy or girl.  I really wanted you to be a girl.  I had a ladybug outfit picked out for a girl.  As I was leaning up against your Daddy we lifted the towel together and laughed when we realized you were our third boy! I’m thankful that our house is full of boys.  There is no need for pink tutus, dresses, or princesses in our home.  Just love and dirt.  I’ve grown to love it. Once again, God knew what our family needed long before we did. 

You were two pounds heavier than your brothers.  9lbs. 8oz was noticeably much harder to push out.  You barely fit into your newborn clothes!   You wanted to nurse right away.  You slept for 5+ hours at night. Nursing only between 1-2am.


It was remarkable.  I felt amazing afterwards.  Your brothers loved you right away.  Your Grandparents thought you were remarkable.  Your Daddy agreed to name you after himself.  Nicholas Jon Pool II.  You held our hearts in your sweet smile.  Your birth was fast like your brother’s, but unique at the same time.   Happy Birthday sweet boy.  Don’t ever stop being you and allowing God to teach us something new.

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