Insurance Coverage

Earthside Billing is the company we partner with in order to provide insurance reimbursements for our clients.

They specializes in getting insurance coverage for midwifery care and Out-of-Hospital Births.

~ Billing Process with EarthSide Billing ~  

Step 1: $30

Initial Verification of Benefits 

- We also need to guarantee that we make a certain amount per birth, because insurance doesn't always pay enough to cover our fees/expenses 

Step 2: $300

Gap/In-Network Exception Approval. This exception must be approved BEFORE you give birth to qualify.


- As stated above, once you have the baby and once you've had your 6-week postpartum visit, claims can then be filed with your insurance for reimbursement payments to you. 

- Step 3 is included in the Step 2 price.

Step 3: Postpartum Claim Prep and Submission 

This step begins at birth and at 6wks postpartum 

- After the claims are processed (usually a 3-5 month process), clients receive their coverage in the form of a reimbursement payment/checks. 


* It will cost you some to get back more.

You MUST complete Steps 1 & 2 BEFORE giving birth 

in order to qualify for reimbursement.

* PPO Insurance plans will often reimburse 

clients for a portion of their care. 

* During pregnancy, Earthside Billing will verify your benefits and file for an In-Network exception to increase your reimbursement percentage. Then postpartum, Earthside will file the claims 

for your reimbursement. 

* We DO ACCEPT FSA and HSA account cards to pay for services. 


* Unfortunately HMO and Medi-Cal plans 

do not offer any reimbursements or very low reimbursements.